“I wanted to let you know that I was recently promoted to a VP position on the Leadership team. I honestly wouldn’t have managed it without our discussions and your support. I just wanted to thank you and make sure you realize what a significant and appreciated role you played in getting me back on an even keel. Thank you so much for your advice and guidance.

– VP, Healthcare Company

“I worked with Janet several years ago and recently in a Leadership seminar that discussed ‘mindfulness practices,’ I was struck with how much you are ‘ahead of the game’ and the value you have always provided to your ‘students.’ You don’t follow but you are leading the pack!”

– Senior Executive, Janssen Pharmaceutical

“Janet gave me perspective. She helped me to understand the motivations behind the actions of others in a highly competitive corporate environment and to respond to those actions in the most positive and constructive manner.

She also helped me to see the value I brought to the organization and how I can best help others to see that value and use it toward overall success, both for me and my organization. I highly recommend Janet to anyone who is struggling to see exactly how they bring value and how to manifest that value in a competitive environment.”

– Senior Executive, Pharmaceutical organization

“Janet did a great job with one of our Vice Presidents. The biggest coaching transformation I have ever seen. This VP jokes, smiles and is a pleasure to be around. It’s like night and day.”

– HR Leader, Munich Re

“If this is what coaching is,  it was worth every penny.”

– CEO, Munich Re

“Janet has done an excellent job in guiding me and my team towards better effectiveness. She helped highlight our successes and helped map out solutions to outstanding opportunities for improvement. I highly valued her guidance and assistance.”

– Senior Executive, BASF Corporation

“Working with Janet was pushed on me by my immediate supervisor. That action turned out to be a great kindness to me personally and, I hope, a great benefit to the Vice President who sought Janet’s help. She helped me realize that I had been irrationally defensive and negative in my interactions with my superiors. I now enjoy my work much more and have many reasons to expect to enjoy my work and my life even more in the future. Janet helped move me from ‘toughing it out to retirement’ to again ‘striving to excel.’  I certainly have benefited from Janet’s guidance. I believe my employer has benefitted equally. I am most grateful to, both Janet and those who elected to invest in me by providing Janet’s coaching.”

– Senior Executive, BASF Corporation

“I would recommend Janet if someone needed help turning around deeply ingrained negative impressions in the culture. Janet can be an activist, actually working with reports to help create change in impressions which is very useful. Although I ultimately left the company, I was able to leave on a high note and make a sound choice about my future career direction.”

– Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Company

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with Janet. She provides very specific and direct feedback tailored to your specific needs and offers “action oriented” tools to help improve one’s effectiveness. I can truly say that she has improved my effectiveness as both a leader and a coach and this improvement will stay with me for many years to come.”

– Product Director, Janssen Pharmaceutical

“I would like to thank Janet for positively impacting on my leadership skills. I have learned a lot about Emotional Intelligence competencies and, as a result, I am now a more active listener, and have increased my understanding of the tone and interests of the groups I am interacting with. During meetings I am more engaged in the topics and group dynamics, and most importantly have understood that repeating what I want multiple times does not make the difference. On the other hand, adapting to the discussion flow and understanding and sharing ideas, make me increase the opportunities to come to a more positive output which counts with the buy-in of the group.

By using different leadership styles with my group and establishing a process for development, my team is now enjoying an improved working environment. This has also brought a strong incentive for them to bring and implement new ideas.  I would highly recommend that new leaders at my organization be exposed to this learning opportunity.”

– Senior Corporate Finance Executive, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

“Janet is a pioneer in executive coaching, she is committed to elevating performance and coaching for results. Janet contributed significantly to my professional and personal growth, I became a better person and an effective leader, and she helped me to unleash the untapped potential and discretionary performance of myself and my team. Janet is a motivational coach, she made the team members to believe in themselves and to develop the behaviors and competencies needed to achieve the desired business results.

Janet made herself accessible to me during a business crisis 24/7, not only for coaching but also for counseling. The investment in hiring Janet as a coach will provide you, your team and your organization with greater rewards than you can imagine.”

– Head of Medical Affairs, Therapeutic Area, Pharmaceutical Company

“Janet has been an excellent coach for me. I really enjoyed her coaching style and keeping me on track every step of the way.
Janet helped me understand and realize my strengths and my development needs.

I am a better leader for it and will help my staff become better leaders because of this opportunity to work with her.

I already recommended her as coach for leadership development in our organization, and she is doing significant work with my boss, his team (of which I am a part), and one of my direct reports. Thank you Janet!”

– Vice-President and Controller, Munich re: America

“Janet is an experienced life and work coach that impacts your performance from the first interaction. She has high courage and absolute commitment
to the person that she is coaching. She also creates an environment that allows you to share what you know but also how you feel with the goal to improve
and grow you as a leader. Great listener, totally focused on serving and uncompromising in her support for your growth.

She is as much a life coach as a business coach. Her depth of knowledge and application has impacted hundreds of leaders. Her ability to ‘focus on
what matters,’ and develop a clear plan that is action-oriented is what makes her outcomes so successful.

Janet has tremendous personal credibility built on trust and rapport that allows her to push you into areas of growth that will make you stronger.
She also ties her coaching into a ‘total life’ model that really impacts the whole leader, not just your performance at work.

Janet’s coaching model is unique because it is based on a ‘in the moment’ model. She coaches from ‘observational experience,’ that is hard hitting and enabled me as a leader.”

– Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson

“Her coaching is about aligning the person with who they are as a person first, their leadership influence, relationship to their peers and direct reports, and then
to their organization. This creates a dynamic environment where the person understands the inter-relationships and commitment to what success means in many arenas.

Janet’s approach is consistent and reliable, which in today’s changing world is rare. Her model of sustainability has carried through many of my own
transitions, organizational changes, and life challenges. Her unique perspective and value-added perspective have made me a better person.”

– Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

“Direct feedback, specific to the person and not the role is one of Janet’s strengths as an Executive Coach. She is a ‘whole person coach,’ meaning
that her approach is holistic in nature and allowed me to understand myself better seeing the up and down sides of who I am, as well as my relationship to the organization.

Janet gets involved with the organization and is comfortable in the places that might otherwise be uncomfortable for others but necessary to create the leadership challenges to support the organization. These lessons apply to life outside of the business as well as home, health and other relationships.”

– President, CEO, Bioheart, Inc

“Janet is excellent at helping you to manage through crisis and acute situations. Prioritizing in specific situations and managing through what is
most important, understanding your own temperament and ‘comfort zone,’ to allow for optimal results and good perspective. She creates a ‘safe environment’ to
provide an outlet to problem solve resulting in realistic and objective results.

She focuses both on ‘short-term wins’ and ‘long term results.’ Her coaching produced life-long learnings and deep personal growth. She sets
clear boundaries and gets to the ‘root cause’ of the issues. She is very invested in your success and you, but you must be willing to hear the truth and do the work
involved. Her wealth of experiences in organization development and leadership allowed for business success with me and my team.”

– CEO, Neuromonics, Inc

“Janet’s coaching is very tailor made to the person’s psychology, needs, style, and learning edge. She knows when to push, when to be supportive,
and when to add expertise and situational leadership assessment to provide value each time she is with you.

Janet listens without judgment, creates trust quickly and builds greater self-awareness and presence to each opportunity. My inner journey with
Janet provided life lessons that have stayed with me over time.”

– Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

“Janet is a “world coach,” not one with North American boundaries able to understand the cultural implications of integration and focus,
through the many international clients she has served. A coach of the human being, she deeply understands the conflict and challenges we have within ourselves.

She listens, without judgment, helping people be able to deal with their own hubble in time and space. She helps to align the personal and
professional self..and the leadership passion that provides meaningful insight into life. An ‘atypical corporate person’ which we need more of. who deeply understands
the important focus of the human being. Her brand is unique, you push the envelope and hold the space to do the hard work.

Her talents are many, as a coach she listens without judgment, creates immediate trust between the coach & coachee, is supportive even if the
person makes mistakes, genuinely helps people become even better each time she meets with them. She has clear boundaries and coached me at a time that protected
my development and accelerated my leadership at the same time.

Janet’s ability to decrease my stress level and allowed me to have more confidence in myself, accepting the positives and the weaknesses and using
them to be a better owner of my own life. She also helps to prioritize what is most important to help you develop to your greatest potential.”

– Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson

“My coaching experience with Janet exceeded my expectations. The world around us continues to change at an unprecedented pace, requiring leaders
like myself to anticipate and adapt to be successful. Janet enabled me to strengthen my leadership capability personally and in working with the global teams I serve. As a result, I am more equipped to add value, no matter what challenges I face.

Janet provided me with an opportunity to deal with some self defeating behaviors. I am grateful for making my coaching experience one of tremendous
personal growth in facing my gremlins. Janet is exceptional at holding the mirror up before the client and creating safety for them to face the mirror. Janet serves as a catalyst and creates an environment where your personal development is accelerated, and I am experiencing life in a more fulfilled way.

She continues to inspire change and personal growth in others. I am grateful for the experience.”

– Group Human Resources Director, The Coca-Cola Company

“As a coach you helped me further understand my strengths and development needs, realize that a change in my approach and attitude was not
a concession of my beliefs or values and give me constant support in both an understanding and “tough love” way. This was all important for my own development and
growth as a leader.”

– Director, Pharmaceutical Research, Division, Johnson & Johnson

“Janet Matts never ceases to surprise me with her variety of accomplishments. Whether it’s completing a triathlon or singing on a stage
with no previous experience, she is a genuine risk-taker and can see clearly the next steps for you to take to improve your creativity and outcomes.”

– Director, Voice Leader and the Natural Singer Workshop

Dear Janet,

Thank you so much for our recent work together. I wanted to take this time to acknowledge some of your work and contributions:

  • You have provided my organization and me with breakthroughs in thinking and in working relationships.
  • You have an uncanny ability to rapidly identify a few paradigms that need aligning and navigating diplomatically through an organization to influence changes.
  • Your ability to quickly link a needed change with a real life business situation provided me with real results in the first 60 days of our working together.
  • You took the initiative to view my leadership in a live team setting. The perspective she gained and the ensuing work resulted in changes in my approach to the
    team and resulted in a higher performing team.
  • You are more than a coach; you became an ongoing advisor to me. I feel you are committed to my success long after we ended our initial engagement.

It is a sincere privilege for me to say “thank you” for the work we have done together. Your professional and personal commitment to providing clear
and honest communication, real life business situational guidance and coaching resulted in change to my approach to my team and a higher performing team.

Thank you.

– Vice President, Sales, Bayer Healthcare

“Janet was always there when I needed her during our coaching relationship…whether it be to decipher feedback, provide guidance for how to proceed, or just to vent about a perceived unfair comment. I would recommend Janet to anyone who has a lot of experience working in the Corporate environment as she has been through several major reorganizations in a short period of time.”

– Site Controller, Roche Pharmaceuticals

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